'Go the drones!' declares talkback host Mike Yardley, describing an extrajudicial killing as 'nice work'.

MIKE YARDLEY is a sometime talkback host on Newstalk ZB  and a columnist for The Press.

Here he is on Facebook enthusiastically endorsing the extrajudicial  killing  of another New Zealander by the United States government in November last year.

The New Zealander , known as Muslim Bin John, was 'believed' to have 'links' with al Qaeda. This, at least , is what the Obama administration are claiming  - and which the Key Government has uncritically accepted. And Yardley believes it too - let's not worry about such things as due legal process.

The drone killings are based largely on what the CIA has described as  'intelligence indicating patterns of suspicious behaviour.' This is enough justification, apparently, to launch lethal attacks in countries like Yemen and Pakistan.

'Go the drones!' declares Mike Yardley, cheering on the killing machines that have also murdered many innocent people, including children. None of this seems to matter to the gung-ho talkback host.


  1. If Yardley had his way there'd be drone strikes on freedom campers and backpackers who sleep at the airport.

  2. Sick, sick sick man.


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