New Zealand's answer to Alan Partridge has directed his 'razor sharp intellect' to the issue of climate change with the usual farcical and brainless  results. 

IT SEEMS that TVNZ thinks  its just peachy to allow National Party cheerleader Mike Hosking to vomit his right wing views all over the place every weeknight at 7pm.

On Tuesday night's Seven Sharp  stupid Mike Hosking made this incredibly ridiculous  statement:

Bad news. I’m afraid the IPCC – the International Panel on Climate Change – has issued its latest report. It’s 2,600 pages long and spans 32 volumes. But I can sum it up for you. Ah, we’re stuffed. The seas are rising, the storms are coming, the locusts are close, we are going to climatic hell in a handcart. That’s of course, if you believe them. Which, as it turns out, I don’t.  Twenty years ago they said we had 20 years to turn things around. We haven’t. The Kyoto Protocol was a last-ditch attempt to save us all. No-one adhered to it. The lesson they have not learned is that freaking people out doesn’t get buy-in. I mean if the met service struggles with the accuracy of a five-day forecast, I’m thinking the accuracy of a long-range prediction that takes in 86 years might be a bit dodgy. So my advice: don’t let it ruin your night.

The world's leading climate  scientists have issued a comprehensive and exhaustive  report on the environmental dangers that the world is now confronting and Hosking's only response is to shrug his shoulders and say 'I don't believe them'.  He then goes on to advise viewers  not to let a  pesky report 'ruin your night'. Hosking toddles off to pickle his brain in some more red wine. Everything  is sorted. What a guy.

Hosking is  like every gormless climate change denier who refuses to address this issue responsibly and effectively. Fortunately climate change deniers are in a rapidly  declining minority but, unfortunately, TVNZ has allowed one such moron loose on national television. What a disgrace.

It doesn't seem to matter to TVNZ that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are due to human activities.

Mike Hosking  is the same idiot who says on the Newstalk ZB website  that, although he is 'not a marcher' (gosh, that is a surprise) he is now 'tempted to hit the streets'  because 'we' are  not doing enough to help the big fossil-fuel corporates to wreck the environment in the search for more oil, coal and gas.

And guess who's to blame? It's 'greenies and environmentalists who bring little if any logic to the table.'

This from a man who equates major and adverse environmental change with the reliability of  weather forecasts....


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