Broadcaster Willie Jackson has criticised RNZ National for what he claims is  its inadequate coverage of Maori issues. The station that employs him, Radio Live, has next to no coverage of Maori issues. But, as far as Radio Live is concerned, Jackson is keeping his mouth shut.

BROADCASTER WILLIE JACKSON has attacked New Zealand's last outpost of public broadcasting for what, he claims, is an inadequate coverage of Maori issues and interests.

Jackson says that over the past fifteen years RNZ National has steadily reduced its Maori coverage; that it has dropped the te reo Maori bulletins and segments and that the network still has no frontline Maori presenters.

RNZ National's Carol Hirschfeld has rejected Jackson's criticism. She says that there is now a widespread coverage of Maori stories in bulletins and news shows like Morning Report and Checkpoint.

Willie Jackson co-hosts with Ali Mau, a noon-3pm show on talkback station Radio Live.

Perhaps Jackson's time would be better spent directing his criticism closer to home. Other then Jackson himself, Radio Live also has no frontline Maori presenters. And, unlike RNZ National, it has next to no coverage of Maori issues and concerns. Jackson himself rarely focuses on Maori issues.

Despite having fronted for Radio Live for several years, Jackson has not seen fit to criticise the station for its inadequate Maori coverage. That criticism he reserves for RNZ National.

But, of course, Radio Live pays his generous salary so maybe its a case of Jackson deciding not to bite the hand that feeds him. But that doesn't make him any less guilty of selective criticism.


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