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In 2013 The Press described Jamie Gough as a councillor 'who saw the bigger picture'. But the councillor who sees the bigger picture has been accused of 'disgusting behaviour' in yet another alcohol fueled incident. Maybe he should have stuck to Tinder...

WHEN HE'S NOT VOTING TO hike up the rates and sell off the ratepayer-owned assets of the Christchurch City Council, exuberant man-about-town Jamie Gough enjoys spending time with friends.

Unfortunately for our little Jamie, he inexplicably keeps running into trouble.

The Press reports that Gough got all tired and emotional at the swanky Aikmans Bar on Waitangi Day - which resulted in this message appearing on his Facebook page the following day;

"Hey mate, you were absolutely disgusting at Aikmans last night. Your attitude to the girls in my group was foul and incredibly sexist. Clean your act up."

You might remember Councillor Blotto from other 'unfortunate' incidents. Last year Raf Manji's Fendalton -Waimari ward colleague was kicked out of the Cancer Society Ball for inappropriate behaviour. Blotto was so intoxicated he had to be escorted out by friends.

And in August the previous year Blotto was taken to the central station police by an irate taxi driver after the tired and emotional councillor discovered he had no money to pay the fare.

Blotto later denied he had been drunk. He claimed he had mixed antibiotics with alcohol, making him feel unwell. He had again been drinking at Aikmans.

This time however Blotto has owed up to his bad behaviour.

He told The Press that he acknowledged his 'mistake' and that he is 'was dealing with it'.

"In a setting down at the bar a bit late I was talking crap because I had too much to drink and, to be honest with you, I think at times I sometimes deal with stress the wrong way and it's like a release valve thing."

In 2013 The Press described Gough as a councillor 'who saw the bigger picture'. But now the newspaper is pointing out that Blotto has, again, broke  the  council's code of conduct which says the mayor and councillors "should not behave improperly and should on all occasions avoid the appearance of such behaviour".

Blotto claims his 'difficulties' have not impacted on his council work but we've only got his word for that. One thing is for sure - given Gough's support for Mayor Dalziel's privatisation project, she'll continue to back him.


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