Abby Martin of The Empire Files is detained by the police at the Democratic Party national convention, along with dozens of others.

ABBY MARTIN, the host of The Empire Files, was arrested this week while covering the protests at the Democratic Party national convention for the teleSUR television network.

She later commented that many more were waiting to be processed after "mass marches, mass protests and mass arrests and detentions," despite police reports that no arrests have been made at the DNC.

Abby was on her way to a 'Democracy Spring' event where there were reports of arrests being made.

The police had closed off all streets surrounding the action and directed Abby to an exit, where she was arrested for a lack of the appropriate credentials. She and her producer, Mike Prysner, unknowingly entered an area where only those with credentials were allowed.

She later told teleSur that she was "aggressively manhandled "by the police before they threw her into a police van and taking her to an elementary school to be processed alongside many other protesters.

"I was just trying to accept my fate and how unreal what was happening was. I just kept thinking about what people go through in aggressive arrests every day in the U.S."


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