The Green Party's Jill Stein speaking at a rally in Philadelphia on Tuesday.
A mass walkout and more demonstrations - its just another day at the Democratic Party national convention.

IN ANOTHER OBVIOUS SIGN that the Democratic Party is far from united, the supporters of Bernie Sanders conducted a mass walkout from the convention hall after Hillary Clinton was officially nominated the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.

Ironically, it was Bernie Sanders who made the a motion to give the nomination to Clinton. Significantly Sanders call for unity was ignored by his supporters. If Clinton had assumed that he would deliver her the support of the movement he sparked, that assumption was very much mistaken.

Bill Clinton, the keynote speaker on Tuesday, spoke to a half empty convention hall.

A Bernie supporter, firing a critical salvo at Sanders himself, told Time magazine: “He made a commitment to run for president. He had made a commitment to contest this convention. He hadn’t conceded. He hadn’t suspended. He hadn’t released us. And he told us that he would be grateful for our vote. And then he just handed it off.”

Seattle City councillor Ksharma Sawant told the Philadelphia media : “You can’t just start and stop a movement. It’s not a faucet. We are human beings, we are activists, we are people who have for years been angry at not being offered a real choice. We don’t believe that the Dems are any answer for the Republicans.”

Meanwhile the protests have continued outside the convention hall. More than fifty people were issued violations for disorderly conduct on Tuesday. Although they were taken into custody, they were not arrested. This way it is claimed the police are covering up mass detentions at the convention.

At a large rally the Green Party's presidential candidate told the Sanders movement that the Green Party stood ready to support it:

“Your campaign lost in a rigged primary system rigged by the DNC and the corporate media in collusion with Hillary’s campaign. So do not vote back into that campaign that has betrayed this movement. Do not go into that party.

We are going forward together. What we learned in this last year is the very hard lesson that many of us have been observing for decades, which is: You cannot have a revolutionary campaign inside a counter-revolutionary political party!

This campaign, the Bernie movement, our movement — its future … is within the politics, within the power of the Green Party that will support this movement all the way until we prevail.”


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