Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected Labour leader and with a bigger majority. But that doesn't mean the heirs of Tony Blair will give up trying to remove him. Is it time to de-select the Blairite MPs?

GIVEN THAT HE SEEMS to be responsible for just about everything else , I'm surprised that the UK mainstream media have not already blamed Vladimir Putin for the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK Labour Party. Of course, this is  all part of Putin's evil plan to undermine the West. Any fool can see that.

But seriously, Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected with some 61.9 percent of the vote. He easily beat his Blairite rival, the hapless Owen Smith. The Parliamentary Labour Party, dominated by Blairite MPs, has been crushed.

It was a predictable victory, the culmination of a futile ten month campaign initiated by the heirs of Tony Blair in an attempt to remove Corbyn. Backed by a corporate media hostile to him, they used every dirty trick in the book to discredit and dislodge Corbyn - who was elected Labour leader in September 2015 with 59.5% of the vote. That he sailed though it all and ended up with even larger vote the second time round, is remarkable.

But the party's overwhelming support for Corbyn won't dissuade the 172 Blairite MPs from their mission to ultimately remove him. These are the MPs, like odious deputy leader Tom Watson , who have had things their way for far too long and have a arrogant sense of entitlement that excludes any meaningful say in the political direction and conduct of the party by its membership. Watson's talk of 'Trotskyite entryists' within Labour is not the comment of a man who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and work for a Labour victory in 2020.

While many of Corbyn's supporters will be hoping that many of the Blairites will leave of their own accord, that seems unlikely. Splitting from Labour would spell the end of well-paid parliamentary careers for many of these MPs - and they know it.

Having been soundly trounced twice, the Blairites won't dare to openly confront Corbyn again. Instead we can expect them to engage in a low level campaign of destabilisation. They want their party back and they won't allow a little thing like party democracy get in the way of their narrow self-interest.

So it might well be time to give the Blairites a helping hand out of the Labour Party. In June a study revealed that 55 percent of new Labour members (those who had who joined the party since Corbyn's election) supported deselecting MPs who 'persistently and publicly" attack Corbyn.

Clive Lewis, the Shadow Defence Secretary, was right when told a BBC interviewer:“You call it deselection – the other word for it is actually democratic election for your representatives in Parliament and I think there’s a legitimate argument for that.”


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