Juliet Moses, spokesperson for the NZ Jewish Council, threatens to organise a boycott against a member of Dayenu, an organisation for young progressive Jews and which was opposed to singer Lorde performing in Israel.

YOUNG AUCKLAND University student Justine Sachs was the co-author of an article that urged singer Lorde to cancel her scheduled concert in Tel Aviv later this year. That article went viral and Justine was on the receiving end of a lot of abuse in the social media from supporters of the Israeli government and its polices. But a campaign of bullying now appears to be underway  against  Jewish supporters of Lorde's decision to cancel her Israeli concert.

Justine Sachs  founded Dayenu: New Zealand Jews Against Occupation in 2015. It seems that Juliet Moses, spokesperson for the NZ Jewish Council, doesn't appreciate the work of Dayenu. She is now threatening to organise a boycott against an Auckland business owned by the parents of a young Dayenu member.

This the same Juliet Moses who declared that Lorde shouldn't be bullied for cancelling her Tel Aviv concert. Apparently though its open season on Dayenu.

Moses recently featured in a video, produced by the Israel Institute of New Zealand, in which declares that she is a Zionist.

She told one pro-Israel website that "It seems most Kiwis are probably also Zionists, without knowing it”.


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