Capitalism is a major investigation into the economic and political system that continues to dominate the world.

SINCE 2018 marks the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, its worth mentioning an ambitious six part documentary series called Capitalism.

Directed by Ilan Ziv, the series charts how capitalism arose and examines the ideas of those who have put themselves at its service ideologically (Hayek) and those who either fought against its worst abuses (Keynes) or hoped to abolish it altogether (Marx). Each chapter is devoted to key ideas, which have shaped the system and key thinkers who authored them.

Along the way some heavyweight academics and journalists are interviewed including Thomas Piketty,Yanis Varoufakis, David Harvey and Noam Chomsky.

Le Monde (France) has described it as a "captivating epic...a major contribution to social and economic reflection". The IMDB website gave it a 8.6/10.

Released in 2014 by Icarus Films, Capitalism is now available on DVD.


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