Upper Hutt Posse frontman Dean Hapeta forgot that its 'customary' to fawn over liberal favourite Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and delivered some stinging criticism of the Labour-led government at the New Zealand Music Awards.

AT THE VODAFONE NEW ZEALAND MUSIC AWARDS last night Upper Hutt Posse frontman and band co-founder Dean Hapeta delivered some stinging criticism of the New Zealand Government and its continued deployment of the New Zealand military in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

He also expressed solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people and the caravan refugees presently seeking asylum in the United States.

Political commentator Bryce Edwards tweeted that it was 'Refreshing to finally see NZ artists making political statements that sound more like Che Guevara than Bono!' .

Blogger and commentator John Moore tweeted 'It’s not uncommon these days to see artists making political statements (on racism, sexism, environment) but what is less common is to see much more radical ones that genuinely challenge the government and status quo - good to see Upper Hutt Posse dealing with imperialism.’


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