WHILE ROGER STONE continues to publicly stand by his long time friend Donald Trump even as the allegations of collusion with Russia threaten to take them both down, Stone's former friend Randy Credico has this week launched a stinging attack on Stone. 

Credico has tweeted that Stone has dirt on Trump ranging from details about his sexual activities to his personal finances.

Randy Credico testified before Mueller’s grand jury in September although it has been reported that he has spoken to Muller's team on several other occasions. He is due to provide further testimony within the coming weeks. 

Roger Stone reportedly told congressional investigators that Credico acted as an intermediary between himself and Julian Assange. Credico later told The Daily Beast that he never facilitated communication between the two men. Earlier this week, Stone shared text messages with NBC that he claimed indicate Credico passed him inside information from Wikileaks. Credico responded by saying he never had such information.

In this exclusive extended interview with Abby Martin, Randy Credico tells his side of the story on his role in the Russia investigation, his upcoming interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and true nature of his relationship with Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone.

With never before revealed details about Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation, Credico details his long-standing ties to the political operative and answers the hard questions about his alleged coordination with Wikileaks.

The interview highlights the larger context of the multi-front assault on Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the future of press freedom.


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