While declaring her sympathy for the Muslim victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack, Juliet Moses has never shown the slightest concern about the treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli Government.

AT THE VERY same time that the Israeli Government was bombing Gaza and reducing buildings to rubble, Juliet Moses was on TVNZ's Seven Sharp, expressing her sympathy for the fifty Muslim people killed in the Christchurch terrorist attack.

Moses said that she and the New Zealand Jewish Council were 'absolutely devastated and heartbroken' by what had happened. Seven Sharp presenters Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells nodded their heads appreciatively.

But while Moses might of been 'devastated and heartbroken' about the terrorist attack on the Muslim community in Christchurch, she has never shown the slightest concern for the plight of the Palestinian people, suffering under the iron heel of the Israeli regime. Eighty percent of Palestinians on the West Bank are Muslim, while nearly the entire population of Gaza is Muslim.

Moses, who describes herself as a Zionist, has a long history of defending the Israeli Government and its continued oppression of the Palestinian people, something that neither Hilary Barry or Jeremy Wells thought was important enough to ask her about. Anyone who watched this train wreck of an interview would of quickly got the impression that Moses was a friend of Muslims all around the world, which is far from the truth.

In 2017 the New Zealand Government co-sponsored a United Nations resolution condemning the further encroachment of Jewish settlements into the West Bank, which had seen  the forced removal of  more Palestinian families from their homes by the Israeli military. Moses wrote that she felt 'betrayed' by the New Zealand Government.

When, in 2017, singer Lorde cancelled her scheduled concert in Tel Aviv to protest the Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people, Moses attacked her. She claimed that the singer had been 'duped' by 'a vocal minority'. 

Juliet Moses and the New Zealand Jewish Council also applauded Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, ignoring the  fierce opposition of the Muslim world.  Moses will  also no doubt congratulate the Trump administration for recognising the Golan Heights as Israeli, which can only be the precursor to its annexation by the Israeli regime.


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