FILMED ON four continents, this documentary film looks at the global impact of Beethoven's hymn to humanity, his battle cry of freedom, his Ninth Symphony. 

The Ninth was at Tianamen Square in the Spring of 1989 during the student revolt. The same year, when the Berlin Wall came down, the Ninth was there to amplify the celebrations. Under the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, women marched on torture prisons with the 'Ode To Joy' as inspiration. And in Japan, the Ninth was there to repair and heal after the devastating Tsunami of 2011. 

Following The Ninth is both inspirational and hard-hitting, and a testament of hope.

Director Kerry Candaele has released the entire documentary to YouTube. Says Kerry:

‘During this dark and horrible moment here and across the globe, I’ve been sending out a streaming version of  Following the Ninth to anyone who might find it useful, an uplifting message in a bottle as it were.'


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