Did you hear the one about the blogger who blamed Labour's failures all on leader David Shearer? Yes, we've got  more  hilarious commentary from Martyn Bradbury.

Labour's latest set of poor poll results has got blogger Martyn Bradbury all in a fluster. Why has Labour, in a time of economic crisis, been unable to capture the imagination of the voting public? Why has it slumped another 5.5% in the latest poll? What to do? What to say? Who's to blame for this debacle?

Bradbury knows...

Here he is on the The Daily Blog:

How the flying Christ can Labour be down when this Government manage to self-mutilate themselves every single week? It’s because Labour have in Shearer a leader who simply has not managed to perform convincingly in any of his media interviews and who is only holding onto leadership because the faction around him are blocking any change.

That's right, folks. David Shearer is to blame for Labour's predicament. Apparently the last thirty years of Labour's neoliberal and anti-working class policies never happened.

According to Bradbury the solution  is to replace David Shearer with David Cunliffe. Yet Cunliffe  is another neoliberal politician and who is on record expounding the 'necessity' of austerity cuts!

Bradbury, like most of  Labour's dwindling supporters, is  so out of touch with reality  that he  simply won't acknowledge that Labour is dead as a progressive force in this country.

The reality is that  is not only a economic crisis but also a political crisis. By failing to offer a real economic alternative Labour is failing to offer hope for those at the sharp end of the economic crisis. 

But it is worse than that.

By already stating that it has no plans to  upset the neoliberal orthodoxy, Labour is offering voters no choice  at the ballot box.  And it's no good voting  Green's because this is a party that has rejected eco-socialism for the poisonous ideology of 'green capitalism'

Is it little wonder that people  look at the neoliberal gruel that they are being offered by the likes of Martyn Bradbury and quickly walk away?

Meanwhile, having already declared his love for David Shearer, Bradbury's pal  Chris Trotter will look rather foolish if he starts attacking the Labour leader again.


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