1. meanwhile the chch press's letters page is full of letters from the likes of lorne kuene and others who depend on talkback for their education lauding israel for its 'brave stand'.

  2. I simply cant believe how the New Zealand media are jumping all over Israel's self imposed 'ceasefire', painting them as if they're fully committed to peace. Despite last year when Hamas offered a 10 year truce to Israel - a truce Israel rejected.

    The news on Sunday was particularly appalling with one sided interviews of Israeli citizens moaning how they don't feel safe and its so hard going to the cinema and having a bag check. Meanwhile their government has just killed over 1000 people in Gaza who are prisoners in whats left of their homeland, Palestine.

    How can those 'journalists', like that idiot on Breakfast Mark Crysal, stand there doing their uncritical reports, knowing that they are allowing war criminals and murders off the hook.


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