I hope everyone ignored the corporate propaganda spectacle otherwise known as Earth Hour. I did.

While I was watching television I happened to see a commercial for McDonald's - the well-known corporate enabler of rainforest destruction. Ronald McDonald was congratulating himself for switching off all the lights at his fast food joints.

Actually, despite the propaganda, it seems like this attempt at corporate greenwash was a flop. Northland, the Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, South Canterbury and Otago-Southland saved no power and in Auckland - where most of New Zealand lives - only a one percent saving was achieved. Apparently that was due to someone in Grey Lynn deciding not to have their usual hot bath.

New Zealand's estimated total savings of electricity was two per cent. Last year the saving was 3.5 percent.

Well done, New Zealand. Let's go for one percent next year...

NB. Comalco carried on burning all that cheap power at its Bluff aluminium smelter..


  1. Yep, just couldn't get excited about another corporate sponsored "event" about... what exactly?


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