The 'urban visionary' threw a bit of a wobbly last week.

There was food festival in SOL Square last weekend which saw local singer Tor Sutton give up trying to entertain the crowd.

She gave up because Hendo blasted music from speakers attached to the wall of his Ishimoto Yakitori Restaurant and Living Space Apartments.

It seems that he apparently went to all the trouble of compiling a short collection of songs that were repeated ad nauseam, They included 'God Defend New Zealand'. God Save the Queen', 'Rule Britannia' and the 'Hallelujah Chorus'.

Sutton eventually gave up trying to sing over Hendo's unwanted cacophony of sound, informing the crowd that there wasn't anything either she or the SOL managers could do about it.

This was met with a collective 'boo' from the crowd for Hendo.

Of course Mayor Sideshow Bob's good mate has an excuse and a justification for any occasion and Hendo later fatuously claimed that the complaints were 'nonsense' and the music was no louder than at any other time.

If you believe this then you'll believe just about anything. I've strolled through the area on several occasions and there has been no music coming from the Hendo speakers.

Hendo, of course, was the former owner of the SOL bars until it they were put into receivership last year. He still resents that he is no longer the owner and this aural assault on innocent concert goers is motivated purely by spite.

Perhaps Mayor Sideshow Bob would like to tell us again why Dave Henderson is good for Christchurch?


  1. Good old Dave. Just when you think he can't be any more obnoxious, he is.


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