A few months ago a reader of this blog, ''Country Lane'' asked if I could point him in the direction of some socialist material of a more instructive nature, particularly on economics.

I kind of let his request slide because it would of involved me trying to come up with some kind of reading list and ensuring that it was all freely available on the net. A bit problematic

Anyway, I've come across a website called Reading from the Left which fits the bill for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about socialism.

This is a non-commercial site to promote socialist pamphlets and books from a wide range of publishers.

All of the pamphlets and book chapters posted on Reading from the Left can be downloaded without charge and without registering.

One pamphlet recently posted on the site is 'Can the Working Class Make a Socialist Revolution?' by the noted Marxist economists and theoreticians Ernest Mandel and George Novacks. Also available for download as a PDF is Mandel's classic 'An Introduction to Marxist Economics'.

There is material available to download as a PDF on such topics as the environment, history and theory, labour struggles, socialist strategy and tactics, women's rights and imperialism and war.

Great site and one well worth bookmarking.


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