Despite never having explained why he supports the sale of council assets, Jamie Gough still thinks he's entitled to attack the People's Choice alternative plan for Christchurch.

RAF MANJI'S  COUNCIL COLLEAGUE in Tory blue Fendalton has, not surprisingly, attacked the alternative economic plan for Christchurch.

Jamie Gough has told The Press that the People's Choice councillors were ' in Narnia' if they thought they could plug the council's $1.2b funding gap without selling assets .

Of course Gough is the same councillor who thought that former Christchurch City Council CEO Tony Marryatt was doing such a fantastic job that he voted for his massive salary increases. Marryatt's less than stellar performance as CEO cost ratepayers tens of millions of dollars.

Gough pleaded forgiveness at the council elections and managed to get re-elected with a reduced majority.

 So his credibility in matters of the Council's financial management is about zero. Although that's not what The Press thinks.  It once described Gough as a councillor 'who saw the bigger picture.' It has also attacked the alternative plan.

Why is Gough in favour of selling council assets? Who knows. He has never bothered to explain. He's been busy doing other things apparently.

As for 'Narnia' Jamie was perhaps out to 'Narnia' last year when a taxi driver was forced to take the tired and emotional councillor to the police station because he could not pay the fare.

Gough claimed he had mixed antibiotics with alcohol making him feel 'ill'.


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