Councillor Raf Manji demanded to see an alternative to privatisation. Now that he has been presented with one he has accused his political opponents of 'point scoring' .

COUNCILLOR RAF MANJI has been demanding that opponents of the proposed sell down of the Christchurch City Council's assets put forward an alternative. He has consistently complained that all he has heard is criticism with no alternatives being offered. Here he is on Twitter:

"All I hear is that asset sales are evil." (April 8).

And again: "I'm still waiting to see some reasoned argument and analysis against our proposal other than a general whine." (April 8).

You might have imagined that Manji would have welcomed the release of a detailed alternative proposal by the People's Choice councillors. And you would be wrong.

Instead Manji has attacked the six councillors for "political point scoring". He blared that "For them to have this alternative plan is kind of in the twilight zone...The whole thing is bizarre."

Manji seems to think that democracy is fine and dandy if you agree with him - but when councillors put forward an alternative proposal that contradicts his little neoliberal project he whines about "point scoring."

Raf Manji's behaviour is simply bizarre.


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