'Let's sell those council assets! And make mine a double!'
Councillor Jamie Gough gets all hot and bothered at the Cancer Society Ball, and is kindly asked to leave...

RAF MANJI's FENDALTON-WAIMARI ward colleague Jamie Gough made a night of it on Saturday. The Christchurch City councillor made such a night of it that he found himself being kicked out of the Cancer Society Ball for being drunk.

Gough, an outspoken and spirited defender of Mayor Dalziel's drive to sell off the Council's assets and hike up rates, was so intoxicated he had to be helped out of the event by friends.

Perhaps Gough was celebrating the recent healthy increase in his salary package.

 The Press has reported that security followed him outside to make sure he didn't try to get back in. In 2013 The Press described Gough as a councillor 'who saw the bigger picture'.

It was all rather embarrassing for Jamie who has since resigned as the board chairman of the city council-owned event company, Vbase, which hosted the event at the Air Force Museum at Wigram.

 Last August fun-lovin' Jamie was taken to the central station police by an irate taxi driver after the tired and emotional councillor discovered he had no money to pay the fare.

Gough denied he was drunk. He claimed he had mixed antibiotics with alcohol, making him feel 'ill' - as a newt.


  1. You love picking on those who have jobs lol you hate anyone who does more than you. Aren't you unemployed failed musician? We all laughed seeing you at council the other day.. Mr Coward is your nickname.

    1. I'm not a 'unemployed failed musician'. I don't know who you were laughing at but it wasn't me. Hey, thanks for writing!


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