Bhaskar Sunkara: The founding editor of Jacobin.
In the error of Donald Trump, Jacobin magazine has become a leading voice of the American left.

FOUNDING EDITOR  Bhaskar Sunkara invented Jacobin in his George Washington University dorm room in 2011, when he was just 21. The magazine has since took off, benefiting both from the widespread hostility to Trump and the corporate politics that allowed him to prosper. A renewed interest in socialist politics and perspectives has opened up a whole new audience for Jacobin.

The magazine now boasts a print circulation of about 30,000 and the website gets nearly 1 million unique visitors and 2.7 million pageviews a month. These are the kind of figures other publications and websites can only dream about.

One reviewer commented: "It is unapologetic about its interests in political economy and Marxism; it's completely in-your-face in its style and tone; it has this name, Jacobin, that just seems designed to push people's buttons."

"I really like Jacobin — it’s very explicitly on the radical left, and sort of hostile to liberal accommodationism,' wrote another reviewer.

Central to the success of Jacobin  is that its socialist substance has been wrapped in its bold and innovative design, the work of creative director Remeike Forbes.

The magazine's cover artwork featured in an exhibition at Marxism 2018 ...


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