The Green Party has meekly swung in behind the Labour Government and ruled out any dialogue with the Wellington occupation. Green co-leader Marama Davidson has turned her back on the large number of Maori protesters. 

PREDICTABLY, THE Green Party leadership has meekly swung in behind the Labour Government and ruled out any dialogue with the Wellington demonstrators. Despite there being a large number of Maori participating, Green co-leader Marama Davidson has effectively snubbed them. She doesn't want to know.

This is predictable as well. Davidson represents the interests of a Maori elite seeking a position of economic advantage and influence within the status quo. She has always had little real interest in representing the interests of working class Maori if those interests clash with capitalist interests. 

As Auckland Associate Professor Elizabeth Rata has observed  the emerging Maori elite has employed the ideology of biculturalism and tio rangatiratanga to position itself as an elite within the capitalist state. So Davidson grandstands about economic and political justice for Maori  while, at the same time, supporting economic policies that run counter to the interests of working class Maori.

And under the status quo working class Maori  have become increasingly economically disadvantaged and politically marginalised. This dire situation has obviously driven many Maori to protest and they have been met with contempt by Maori politicians such as Marama Davidson - who incidentally personally benefits from her loyalty to the status quo with a ministerial salary of well over $200,000.

I imagine that Maori protesters will be drawing their own conclusions about Davidson giving them the cold shoulder. Undoubtedly one conclusion they will draw is that they cannot rely on Maori politicians, of whatever party, to meaningfully represent their economic and political interests. 

Interestingly, the latest Curia poll shows that the Green's have dropped five points to 6 percent. Seems that the growing discontent within the Green Party with the performance of James Shaw and Marama Davidson is also now being mirrored in the polls...


  1. Perhaps she is concentrating on her cabinet position--Associate Minister of Housing. She has obviously been making a difference in ensuring housing is available for all.

    1. Not true. As of last year there some 41,000 people homeless, half under the age of 25. At present 5,300 people remain trapped in motels - classified as 'temporary accommodation'.

      In August last year Davidson told 'Newshub Nation' that 'a plan' was being worked on that would target young homeless people. She said that she 'expected' the plan to be released by the end of the year - but there's been nothing.

      There is no indication that the policy of sticking folk in so-called 'temporary' motel accommodation will be ending anytime soon. The government deducts one quarter of the income of every adult in emergency housing.

      The number of people waiting for public housing has quadrupled under Labour to
      some 24,000 households.

    2. You obviously failed to see the irony in my comment Steven.

    3. Yes, missed it completely. Oh well..


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