A new book on Rosa Luxemburg is available for download. And its free.

A NEW BOOK on the life and legacy on Rosa Luxemburg has been published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in New York.

One of the giants of the socialist tradition - Lenin described Luxemburg  as an "eagle " of the working class - her life and work continues to inspire and influence people today.

Rosa Remix is a collection of essays that explore how Luxemburg's work can benefit the left today. It covers a wide range of subjects, starting with Rosa’s life, finishing with her legacy, and in between grappling with issues like climate justice, feminism, protest movements - and graphic novels.

Some of the essays include 'Socialism or Whole Foods: Luxemburgian Answers to our Climate Crisis' by Alyssa Battistoni, 'One Hundred Years of Capitalism’s Global Relocation' by Rick Wolff and 'Rosa Luxemburg: A Legacy for Feminists?' by Nancy Holmstrom.

The book is available for free and can be downloaded here.


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