'...it is unsustainable to organize our society as we have, centred on prioritising personal gain and profit over any and all human or planetary considerations. ' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's powerful speech on the climate crisis gets a standing ovation at the  2019 World Mayors Summit held in Copenhagen October 9-12.

US CONGRESSWOMAN AND socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a powerful speech to the mayors of 94 cities at  the 2019 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen.

She told the summit that radical economic change was required to combat the climate crisis and went on to outline the political and economic agenda of the Green New Deal.

"There is no middle road on the climate crisis."

“It is unsustainable to continue to believe in our system of runaway, unaccountable, lawbreaking pursuit of profit,” she told the conference and that the world needed to adopt “a cooperative, collaborative system  whose economy … benefits the middle and lower classes and marginalised people. Which is most of us."


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