The Canterbury Socialist Society is on the radio...

THE CANTERBURY SOCIALIST SOCIETY has launched its own  monthly show, The End of History, on Christchurch community radio station Plains FM. The first show went to air on the 22 June. 

The show is hosted by Mark Bolderstone  a  member of  the Canterbury Socialist Society Executive and a union delegate. 

The show aims to provide relevant perspectives on  the class struggle, contemporary unionism, economics, and current affairs in order to promote working class history and socialist ideas as they apply to the 21st century.

In the first episode, Mark talks with Jean Allen, an organiser with the Democratic Socialists of America in Rochester, New York. They talk about the ongoing  American protests, policing in America, and the likely political outcomes.  Follow Jean Allen on Twitter at @peakcapitalism

The End of History is also available as a podcast on the Plains FM website.


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